Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

Offeeing a Poftive PkovInENc will and providence that they move, as and fee. Therefore you fee what caufe there is to fee a pofitive providence in every thing. Concerning the ref of your letter ; Oh that I had time and heart to write more ; yet I hope I have writ enough for this time, and the Lord knows whether ever more or no. However I thank you heartily for improving me this way of writing, who have my mouth flcpt from fpeak- ing. I with I had more fuch friends to deal thus with me, and my felt more time, and a more fruit- ful head and heart to improve my felf this, or any other like way for them: For who knows what breathings of God's Spirit are loft for want of writing, efpecially when there is no feafon of fpeaking ? Truly Sir, I meet with few that are much troubled in that manner as your felf ; but they go on in an eafie, quiet, and very dangerous way : Which troubles, I perfwade my felf, keep you awaking, when other virgins are flumhring ; and after which, I am perfwaded, the Lord in- tends to ufe you for more than common fervice, if you wade well through them. However as I Paid before, be not difcouraged, or too much perplexed in farrow for them : For furely, as far as I can guefs, the Lord is prepating you for him Pelf by them. I thall not forget you, though I never fee you: And I befeech you, if you have any (park of afe ion toward me kind I'd by thefe few lines, remember when you are befi` able to pray for your felf, to look after me andmine, andall ghat f?o xith me on the mq,407 uatirs ; and ten to