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The Sincere Convert. 93 ©yle and grace ofthe Ivife, yet they were locks Few are cd out of the gates ofmercy. laved, and But God bath given me more nowledne char wi.h than others, or than' ímy felf had once. -- Y This thou mavft have, and be able to teach 0bj.8. others, and think fo of they felf too, and vet. ',Thr never be faved. Rom. a,13, But I keep the Lords day f{ric4ly. Obj, o, So did the Jews, whom .yet, Chrift condem- minfw. ned,and were never faved. I have very many good defines and ender yours to get heaven. Thefe thou and thoufands may have, and A l fw. yet mifs of Heaven. Many fhal1 fees toenter in at that narrow Luke a;. gate,andnot be able. :4. True, thou wilt fay, many men do many duties, but without any life or zcal ; I am °N.' I. zealous.' So thou mayeft be, yet never be faved as ?éhu.; Paul was zealous when he was a Ai"fro- Pharifee, and ifhe'wasfo for afalíe Religion, i6t3 °' and a bad caufe, ,why much more mayeft thou be for a goad caure ; fozealous as not only to cry out againft profanenefs in the wicked, but civil 'honefty of others, andhypocr ifie of others, yea, even of the . coldncfs of the bei of Gods people : thou mayeft be the fore' horfe irk the Team, and the Ring leader of good \exercifes amongfl; the belt men , (as 7oa0 a wicked King was the lira that coms plained of the negligence of his bait Officers in not repairing the Temple)andfo ftirre them up unto it ray, thou mayeft be fo forward,' a