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THE 1nccre Vcrtt. drC , hr u d'ry, rh , D[SCOV E RING The fmall nu er . o true B FLEE V ER.S And the great difficulty of Savina, CÒ NVER:SION. Wherein is excellently and plainly open- edthefechoice and Divine Principles : x That there is a God, and this God is rnofi glorious. z. that GA made man in a bidiredeílate. jitzq 3.Mans mifery by his fall. 4Chrift the only Redeemer by price. g.That few are faved,and thatwith difficulty. 6.That mans perdition is of himfelf. Whereto is now added the Saints 9ewel, Ihewing how to apply the promife; And the Souls Invitation unto ?gam Chrij. By T O> S s B P P R n, fometimes of Emvnuel Colledge in Cambridge. Corrected andmuch amended by the Author. Suit is the gate, and narrow is the way which leadeth un- to life,and few there bethatfindit, Mat,' 14. London, Printedby C. D. for yohn Sweeting, at theAngel in Popes-Head-Alley, 1 659. ANOOMelw

A tlii.kdev ii?,. Zi, r. ti,s1;. zt, t i tn.- 44, ,2i.-4 tii ''-t J V` -/.., -6, .v. To the Clirif1ian READ E :-:" N thefe evil andperillous timer, Godbath not left us without force choice mercies.dkrfins abou7,d,and his merices fuper-abound. The Lord might jfly haye fpoken thofe words ofdeath againfl us,which of oldhe did aging the ?ews, i have taken away my peace from this people, loving kindnefs and mercies, which had hepulled from us we had caufe enough tó mourn with Radel,and to refufe comfort; for all our hstppinefs lies wrapt up in pe;lce, loving kindnefs andmercy. But God l'skjet goodun- to Tfrael(Pfal.73. I.) he commands deliverancesforJacob, (Pfai. 44. 4. ) he over-ruler all thepowers ofdtrknefs, (,,Pi-a1.76.10.) and tells thefans ofBelial, (men of corrupt minds, and curledpraCtife, ) that they fhall procerd no ! further, but that their folly fhall be manifell unto all (2 rin4.3.839.)Hi makes all enemies, Devils,allcreft- tures,to further his own glory ,send the goodof hir peculiar people. When times are naught anddangerous, hefaith, Come mypeople, enter into thy chambers, and flaut thy doors about thee,hide thy felf as it were for a little mo. ment, till the indignationbe over-paild/fai 26.1o.) if troubles threaten life,hefaith,When thOupaffefi through j the waters I will he with thee,and through the rivers they not overflow thee ; when thou walkeft thròugh the Ere,thou fhalt not bebUrnt,neither Pnall the flames kindle upon thee ; for I am the Lord thy God, &c. when enemies are incenfed,fear and forroves multiplyed, be faith, Fear thou not, for I amwith thee, be not dif- mayed, for I am thyGod, I will ftrengthen thee, I will help thee, yea I will uphold theewith the right hand of Az TEA

To the Reader. my righteoufnefs. Behold all they that were incenfed qa.inft thee,fhali he a fhamed, and conced, they fhalt be as nothing, and they that ftrive wi ce fhall perifb1 If'ai r. Suchwords ofcomfort and life doth God 'peak unto his. A4damong other mercies he ftirrs up a); ffiirits of his fervants to write many preciotis truths an contrarti,tofurther theeverlafiinggQodof his belovedones. lfthe bortomlefs pit-be open,, 47:dfrnoak rile thence, to darken. the aireandobfcure the way ofthe Saints,Rev.5.1 2. Heaven al lo is opened, Rev .1 I. 19. and there are ' Fs and voices to enliohtert their Vrits,anddire their paths. Had ever any age ruch ligtnings as we have ? Did ever any [peak, fince Chrifi andhis Apeles, as men now fpe4? We may truly and fafelyfay ofour Divines n Writers, The voice ofGod,and not ofman.,Siech-Abainei-1 ance ofthe Spirit bath God poured into fome men,that it,is, not they, but the Spirit of theFather that jpeakr in them. What infinite caufe 11.1tIo this a,(.re to acknowledge theMT' #eakablemercy of God, in affording'us finchplenty ofjyiri- tual Traaates, full ofDivine, sneceffary, and confriencei fearchingtruths,yea preciousfout-comforting,& foul proving truths?fuch whereby Head,heart,andSoul cheat- ing errours are difcovered,andprevented;fach 44. foundlj: difference true grace from'alfeemings and paintings. Na time, no Nation, exceeds us hereln,andfbAll we that a- bound in truths,,be penurious in praifes?Confider,keader; whetherfhiritual truths be not worthy of thy choiceff p7,41-. , ifes. EveryDivine truth is one ofGods eternal thoughts,ieS heaven born,and bears the Image ofGod.Tru:h is thegib:. ' ry ofthe racred Trinity., klencc the Spirit is called Truth; PI r 70h.5.6.`Chrift as calledTruth,70h. a 4.9.andGod him7 reifisfaid tobe theOodof truth,Deu. 32.4. It isfodelighilt, fid to frim,that his eyes are ever upon the Truth,7er.5.1 .1'' and when the only wife God would have men make a pt-; .......r.marameram,momem........,........... ehAfe

To the Reader. ia-fe, he cou is them to buy the Truth. And it not od cosmic: ?Is it nyt figoodperchafe?Canyou befiowyour ;,t.r,or lay out your money better ? Ifyon,be dead in fins 'd trefpafes , Truth is theefeed of a new life,ofaheaven- birth ; Jam. r. x8. Ifyou be in any bondage, Truth can Lake you free, 7oh432. Ifcompaffedabout with enemies, kith can Aield thte , ,Pfal. 914. Ifyou be full offilthy i oughts andlais, or any impurities,the Truth canfan: .fie you, Job. 17. 17. Ifdarknefs andfaintnefs pofferJ- rfottls,Truth is lumen & pabulum animx,the light ofthefoul, Pfai.t I9.1°. 0. et us then advance our ay:fights ofTruth, and rate 5 , 1 aboveallfablunari things, andbuy it though it c(flue iis ù no Simony, it is not too dear,youcannot overvalue. Oth. It is filler to the Peace ofGod which palled) all i'ltrilanding : See how God himfelf efi-imater his word i ltruth,Pfa.T 3 8. 2. Thou hail magnitVd thy Word a- , ! le all thy Name. Whatfoever God is known by befides Word is beneath his Word. Take the whole Creation, ich is Gods name in the greateft letters, it's nothing to ,word and truth.Therefore Chrtft tells the liharifees it ter for Heaven and earth to pars, then one tittle of ? to fail. If the leafl Jod -or Tittle of the Lal.v,be od above all the world,let H4 tAkr heed of un- valui nk-he great andgloriowTruths of the Gofrel, fetal' it ; 'tawupon our hearts, that we can never r-=prke or Yeilii,',94-t'cient praife for, any truth. en can praireG:ed , irom,anal oftheirj the bleffinsrs of thefield,the Seas, God for this hvinAg°i'orie2t44where t.. the man that prai- tno-,s, for Truth, for good ks,for htgveoly Treatifes?Mid,mrirpofely lit up rhearts& voices toHeaven topla;re Godfor the riches oroleolg br.flowd upon them.ingood book! you have mens tir,0»Gods truthohe tributeof thankr is due for both; A 3 \ that , ... ,....4.

To the Reader. that God enables men tofugreat labors,r6-- that he ionve Inch preciou-i treafcere through earthen vefels. 1iav thought it his duty to praife GodforeTruth ,Pfal. 43 2 ' loath left it upon recordfor our imitation.He faw filch; cellency, and found fo muchfweet gain in Truth, that mug breakput into praifes for it. ,- Reader,give over thy old wont of4''otinT& cenfuri ;wens labours. Experience loath longfince tcldthee,that good comes that way.Now learn to turn thy prejudice u praifes, andprove what will be thefruit of honouring a pralfing God for truthselifpenc::-.7 by hisfaithfulfervan Let me tell thee, this is a chief way to keep truth mong_g ka..lfTruths be not received with the love of thd and God honoured for them, prefently ftronfs, delaro. come, d- Truth raufl fuffer or file.God hath madegood premife in Jeremy, he bath revealedunto te,s abundance peace and truth,&we through ingratitude have forfeir both. Our peace kThakfn andwho canprornife him' withalezekiall, thereAallbe peace and truth in Mydai Peace mayfail thee,but let not Truth.Every goodChri an may, .andfhould fay, with the good King, there fba Truth in my days, ifnot Peace andTruth, willfofa, flourTruth,as to receive the love ofit. Iwill hold faith ,hold itforth by praCtife, praifeGod daily t Int venture all in defence of it.So did the Mart- "J` Jmory is fweet, andwhofe reward is great Iti better Ifiring for truth,then with truth : ifTruth anus fer,or can die,better it ù to diewi Truth,then outliv But that Truth may live,40,,d we live by Truth, le magnifie God much for Trvifi, for 4s word andgood boil that #ring thence. Somme probably may fay, it's enoug praife God for his Word, other books are not tanti. thoUpraiR. Godfor the Sea, and be unthankful for td Vers,andfprings?Wilt thou lift up thy voicefor the g wat =

2 °To the Reader. _ ,,6411-1?. __. í`:`- ters : ,i bePentfor the falver drops and fhowres ? If r for rain affeEt thee, be not ungratefulfor the latt- .God could have men to value hù fervant.t, and praife VI 4'or eir labours. _flat t, y heave errours in them. 4e it f call we refute topraife Godfor the Flamers and the Coon, be- tfe?iiete..e fonw PIA . the Garden, and T.hrittles in the Field ? Pre- eenet at felf k-y, r ..a, take thy delight c Here is a Gardenwithout !di, a Corn Field without Cockle or Par net» horn or Tbifile..61 1t thou iincere,`Converr ? Irrefife truths fuitsblcfolid,andwbolefume, thou yell eedand feaft w.thcut fear. at, Author is one o f jngular t,p^ty,tnward acquaintance Withggod,skii d the deceits ofwens hearts,ab.e art en?igbten the dark corners of the little rld, and, to give fatisfat ion to ltaggering /pints. His work need not the f leadf thcrscommendation to adorn it But beeaufe cu fto+ne,not rtccef I s' it is' 'ri theprerogative to tree el without a pafport, ) % fkr.lecaufc cktitatifetb Truth to crave and carry E iflles,commendatory; know that or s weigbty,quicr;andfpiritudl,and if thine eye be tingle in peAit- , it, those Ailtfind many preccione foul- fear;hing,foul-quiaking,and foul. ichin, truths in it ? yea,be fo warned and awakened aT that thoucan't not blefs God for the man andratter, unlefs thou be pop fled with a fetttlude ChriftianReader takeb-ed o f unthankfulnefs fpiritùai ctes ould have the quickeft and fu!left praifes. Sub is this work, thou 04,,,q, it not,thou,:ontributedit nothing to the birth ofThies apreventing ; y,Tifit,and other of the fame nature, god bath made knowledge to aa- Il d,:ihrwaters a f the SanP1uaryare daily increafed,aatdgrown deep. Let ;w:aters ofthe San&uary put out th efire of the San&uary. If there pmai[e here, is no firc.If thy head be like a Winters Sun, full oflight, Veart rake aWinters earth without fruit,fear legit thy end in at- da..knefs,and the Tree of knowledge deprive the of tl e Treeof life. tic Lord grant thoumayeft find fuck benefit by ibis word,as that thy icart ak: kifv?fbed with Truth,andrailed topraife God topurpofe,andmade to y, Lordgill lend forth thy light and tratth, that they rnay lead tas ó S Y ' c- A4 Thine in Chriity W. Greenhill.-

The Contents. 7 be Contents ofthe chief Heads ofthis 7' THefirft Principle,That there is a God. Four grounds toprove there is a God. Several objec`lions denying a God,anfwered. A difcc very ofAtheifin in opinion. difcovery of Atheifr in praClice. An exhortation to fee and behold this God. We mufi make choice of this Godfor our God. The happinefs ofthole that forf4ke allfor thif. That God is moff glorious, fhewed in four Firff in his Effence. Secondly in his .,;lttri, An excellent explanation of theAttributes_ ;' 1.Spiritual.2. Living. 3. Infinite. q.. E,ter4 fufficient.6. Omnipotent.7. feeing,8. I O. fl juff,a merciful God. ' Thirdly,God is glorious in his perfon. Fourthly,in his works, The fecund Principle, That God made all nm.ari glorious and happy eftate like bimfelf. } glory and bleffednefs of man did appear. The Image of God in man did appear in four pa 1. In his underflanding.2.In his affedions. 3.IJ 4. In hú life. 17, The horrible nature of A And how juffly Godmight requiremans per ence to the wholeLaw. Mans eagle oflamentationfor his lots in Ada That we are more perfectly righteous in Chri could have been in Adam. A reproof to 3 forts of men. i Such as art afhasme linefs. 2.Thofethat hateholinefs,3.thofe3 forts ofmen tent themfelves with a certain meafure of hol TheFormalif . 23. 2. The felf-condemned 24. 3. The pining anddevout Hypocrite.

SeiTeral. Books Printed for and fold by -obi Swecting ,' at the Sign of the .gin;el in Popes-Head .Alley. 7.`fie '(um and fubitance cf Chrfilian Religion, wherein is ju; oufi), debated and refolved all points of moment inDivinity, byl Z. tr /uinws. avertifenaents from parnaffuc, wherein the great Affairs and fa- mo s Controverfàes in the world t:re inger ioufly debated, and judici- moufÌy cenfured :, the Earl of M.onmcurh. talitick Difcourfes ofthe Government of Rome, Carthage, Venice; Of the Afff3irs of the Roams, Cartbarginians, Grecians, Athcrriatrs, Spgrtars, Theban:; Venitianf, Goths, Florentines and French; End liilmi by the Earl of Monmouth. A Relation of the State ofthe Turkifh Empire i Their Laws, Go vernment, 141í1i ary Fórce and Commerce; Of Con(#antinople, the graid Signiors seraglio. Of grace, and the Religions and Cuf'toms, of tfie Grecians. Of Egypt. A Voyage on the River Rlilws : Of the Holly Land, Italy, Rome; Naples, Venice, and Grand Cayro : Of Cy- , Cody, M41za, ,Seicilia; Writtenby GeorgeSandys. The floret Miracles of Nature, in tour Book's; Treating of Ge, neraJion; the Soul: of Plants and living Creatures: of Difeafes, their Symptoms and Cures : Alfo Rules how a man fhai' become ex- cellent,. and lead his life with heal:h of body and mind Written in, by Lsevínws Lemniws, and new turned into Es,gtith. Letters to leveral Perfons of Honour; By I. "Donne, fometimes Dean ofSc. Paul:, London. E`trpbes Golden Legacy bequeathed to fhhi %antes. A Hiltorical Narrativeof the moft material paffages of State and Aff.its in the Reign of King lames; E uraeted from the Originals. Four newPlayes, via. The love Fick King : Fortune by Landand Sea i The poor mans Comfore: The Twins. The perfe Lion of luftification againft the Pharifee; The purity of Samit ification again the stains of it ; The unqueffionablenefs of Glorification, agairaf the Saddttce in fcveral Sermons, by Bohn Syrnp Jon, are of .,ill- bolews, London. A Trearife for declining of Verbs, ufeful to attain the French Tongue. t' Tv1yftical,l

. ti Miftical Divinity, written above two hundred and fiftyyears line in High Datch,and for its worth Tranfheed into feveral Languages. Johnfins Arithmetick in twoBooks,vit. OfVulgar apdDecional,be ing the bat of that nature extant, printed fix times. Tables of Intereft, Rebate,Accounts ready oft up, of the valutitin of Annuites, Leafes, Wines and liteverl' ions calculated at fix per cent ' : Holy Raptures or Meditations of the love of Chaff ; Of Chrift Mif tical ; UnionwithChrift and the Charafter of aChriftian; By Jof.fiall B. ofNorwich. fhe Schooll of Patience, in three Book% written in Latinby FI Drexelius jefuie,andEngliged by D.L. The Tryal o f ..the Truth,of Prayerotawhich is added a Confolatory Letter to A upon the lo fs 'of Children or F riends. f he. Extraist ion of Maus foul ; proving the produ&ion of mans foul o be by propogation, and not by Creation; alfo clearing the poixit ,riginal fin ; and the purity of Chriffs incarnation. The Riches of G race,by Mr .Willians Fenncr. The life and troubles of QueenElipbeth, from her Cradle en her ,rown,laying open the eminent paffages of State in the Reign of H. E.and&Mary. The Reconciliation of God to man, and man toGod ; By 'H. Donne Flora Succeffivoz, or, Spare Hours of Meditations , upon our 'duty to God, to Others, and to our Selves, by lof h.; D. of Books writtenby Thoma Shepherd.. Viz,. The Sincere Convert. The Sound Beleever. A Treatife upon the Sabbath. Subjeftion toChriff.

to Jntrodua ©fit to the. .ems- H E knowledge of Divinity is neceffary for all forts of men,both to fettle and ella- blifh the good, and to con- vert and fetch in the bad. Gods Principles pull down Satans falfe Principles fet up in mans head, loved and beleeved with mens hearts, and defended by their tongues; while[t ftrong holds remain unfhaken the Lord Jefus is kept off from conquering of the foul. Now fpiritualtruths are either fuch as tend to enlarge the underflanding, or fuch as may ork chiefly upon the affections.. I pafs by (in this knowing Age) the fiat of thefe, and ( being among peoplewhofe hearts are hard enough) I begin with the latter fort : For the snderftanding although it may literally, yet never favingly entertains any truth, until e df ferrtions beherewith fmittenandwrought upon. I íhall thereforehere profecute the unfold- The prin- ing of thefe divine Principles. cipa1heads Firfl, that there is one moil glorious God,. "fed up- Secondly, that this Godmade all Mankind °n' at,

The Intl odtainn. at firft in Atdani in a molt glorious eftate. Thirdly, that all Mankind is now fallen from . that cane, into a bottomlcfs gulfof fin and Os mifery. Fourthly, that the Lord Jefus Chriit is the onely means of Redemptionof this efiate. Fifthly , that thofe that are faved out of this woful eftate by Chrif are very few, and that thefe few are faved with much difficul- ty. Sixthly, that the greateft carafe why foma- ny die and perifh in this etiate , is from them Ì felees : either, r. By reafon of their bloody ignorance, they knownot the.r mifery : or, 2. By reafonof their carnal fecurity, they feel not, they groan not under their fin and mifery. 3. By reafon oftheir carnal confidence, th feek to help themfelves out of their mi- fery by their own when they fee or feel it : or, 4. By reafon of theirfalfeFaith, where they catch hold upon, and truit un the merits of Chrift too foon , whè they fee and feel they cannot help them felves E T H.

The Contents. Rules how to get the Image of God renewed in as. 26 e third Principle,That all mankind is fallen frcgn that glorious eftate in which he was created,into a miferable condition : Mans rnifery it regard of Adamsfin.. ..7 -hofe fearfulfins that are pack!: up in Adamsfn. i..Apo- f e, 2.Rebellion.3 Vnbelief.4. Blafphrtny.5. Pride. .Contempt of God. 7 .Vnthankfulnefs.8.Theft.9.Ido -1 latry. 30. All natural men are dead in (in. 31 he beft aElions of natural men are f nful. atural men compared to dead men in tenparticulars.3 2 `aural men are born frill o ff n. 34 rids of the heart rorfe then the fins ofthe life. s7 he at7ìons of natteraimen are fanful in 6 particulars. 3 9 Licked men want a Principleof love to God andChri jl .ib. Joethergoodduties ought to he performed bynatural men freeing their beft aElions arefnful. 4I 'Vans prefent mifery in-regard of theconfequences offin, in feven particulars. 43 ans flavery under Satanfhewed. in 7 particulars. 45' farts future mifery by fin : firft 1n dcath.r.4.8. Secondly, fter death.p.49.Thirdly,in his particular judgment in 5 feveral particulars,5 t.The general day ofjudge- 'ment provrd,& the manner of it in every particular at, `large.The coming of Chrift,theTrt mp fhall blow. 56 the dead arife,the yudge,p. 57.The Accufation. , (hifentence.p.59. Gods wrath and ahfence. 60 21; guilty confcience a never dying worme, to lodge in '.;,Hell. 6x: e mifery of natural men after the day o f judgrm:nt, in ixparticulars. 64 e4. Principle,ehrift. the oncly Redeemer of man out of athat miferable eftate in which he is by nature. 67 'air Chrift Redeemeth man by price /hewed in 4particst- lars ; Secondl,y,by altronghand. ibid. A °"c.' re

The Contents. el V e of terror to thofe that negle1t their Redemption 'y Chrift.p.69. A VfeofReproefto thofe thatfeekto come out oftheir miferahle condition of & by themfelves.,o Who they are that Chrif bath redeemed. 72. Chrift offered to all ingeneral. 3 Objections concerning Chriftsgeneral offer,anfwered. i.. The condition upon whichChrift is offered. 7 Fourforts ofpeople that reject Chrift. 7 Rejecting ofChrift a very dangerou3fin in five ref ecs. The danger offecurityplainly difcovered, 8 The fifth Principle,?hofe that arePaved are veryfew arefavedwith much difficulty, 8 The fmall number of true beleevers in all places. 6, Fourforts ofpeoplewhichare excludedfromfalvation.'.. 4 Vfe ofExhortationto all Prefumptio'u confident me n:: 89. Their Objetiions and Pleas for their intereft i, . ChriJ t,and their grounds for their ralvation,anfroer ` at large. 91 Wherein a childof God ,goeth beyond saq Hypocrite.96. A defcription ofhypocrifie. 9 Vnregenerate men are '1;1- poor in Spirit. ibid 7`hore that arefave,arePaved with much difficulty. 9 Salvation compared tofighting. iò Aolefcription offour ftrait gates to Heaven: I thegat of Humility. ibid. 2. ofFaith. 10I. 3. ofRepentance. ibid. 4ofOppofition. _o Nine fatfe gates or ways to Heavendifcovered. 71.Thc broadzray.¢.ofFormality,p.103.5. ofPrefumption.p. 10.4..6. of Sloth.7.ofCarelefnefs.8.of Lioderati, $. 105.9. of Self-love. s ce The 6 Principle, The rouge of mans eternal ruin ùfry dimfel f ; and that by four ways or reafons. s 16 The firft general reafon or way how men ruin themfet it by ignorance. 107. Want of the thefailing means ,ncwledge,wa»t offaithful Minifters. q T. YY?c - r... _ ._ .... _ -_t.. -t.

Ilmosolim The Contents, Wicked men are afraid to fee their own miferies. I i I Ten ways howwickedandprofane men deceive theinf'clves in theirfpiritual efates,byfceing t hemfelve's through falfeglaffes. 112 How the /7Ker fort ofmen deceive them/elves. t 13 Seven di fempers in the mind, whereby the.Per ne fort of men are deceived. I . Arroganrj. -I 14. 2. Obit i n acy. 3 . p.115. Obfcurity. 118. 4. Security. p.119 5. Im- piety. 1 20. 6. Idolatry. 123. 7. Error.In the under Handing ;in five partifalars.I.In judging troubles of mind.' 26. 2. in ju ing ftriving of conscience. 127 3 i judging o f,rncerity ofheart. 129. 4. In judging Coda love. i -,u. 5 In judging the power o ffin. 13 I How fare peace is bred in thefoulfourfeveral wayes. I. B, Satan. 13 3 . in 5. Particulars. I. By his remo -- ,,ng thofefins that trouble the confcience. 134. 2. By liberty in fin, 135. 3. By unlawful rife of lawful things, 13 6. 4.. 13y giving thefocal refs andPeep, ibid. 5. By fair promifes of heaven,' 3 7. 2,Ry flattering falfe teachers,ib. 3 .Eya falfefpirit, fivefeveral ways, 139. 4. By a falfe applying the promifes, 141 Corruptions and di crispers of thewill, a 3d cai, or way howmen deceive themfelves, three wayes, 142 The fecondgeneral reafcn or way how men rt:in them - /elves, is carnalfecurity, 144 Ileafons offecurity difcovered in ten particulars, 145 AnExhortation to awake out of fecurity, 15 I InftruCtions how to get- a broken heart, 152 The 3 d general rearon or way how men ruin themfelves, is carnal Confidence, whereby men feek tofave them- felves by reftin - in their dutiesand performances,' 54 Wherein mens rtfing in duties appears, /hewed at large ibid. Four reafons given why men ref in their duties, 163 The great danger in ruing upon duties, /65. Signs in ten particulars,

The Contents. iSigsts ofa malts re f ing in duties, fhezned in fix particu- lars. 166. The infufficiency of dutie.s to favea man, in three,particulars. 172 Goodduties not to be call- offbut 'our re:('ting ir.t them. I 74. The true end ofour goodduties;andwhy we ynu f perform them. ibid. Goodduties are the means by which we come to Chrif ..275 Good duties the evidences llGods love to ara in Chrif . ib. Good duties honours Godand Chrif, being vied. 176 The fourth general reafon or,7ay howmen ruine thrill- Myer ,ps, Prefumption or falf.54ith. 177. The diffi- culty ofconverting prefumptious e,=.- confident mes1. 178 A true andprecious faith is got at a high ;4teb ibid. TheContents of the Aditions. TheSaints ewel Jhcøinghow to apply thè promi(es, gBx.TheDot,,;ne That God made many prom[es to his people,'. . 3.1Zea(onswhy, it', ei4 ZJ(e oftrial,>t8S. A V/c ofcomfort, i y. Several DbjecFfionsanfreer- e,d, Ibid. rbe perpetuity ofGods love to his people, i90 4 Vie of terror to the wicked, s 9z Men in their natural condition are under thecurre, íbid Their bleffings arc cur(es,p. i 9;. f hencglea of dhties a double fin, t+yet Death bed repentancedaargeror(4,195. eíi Yfe ofexhortatiott,to lay hold o1: the Rromides, with feveraleneouragemenrsthereto. i 9 fieftfety ofbelecving,zvithfive Impediments and five Helps. 198 rhe fouls inv4ionto lens Ch,rifi. zcro Ciiriffcompared to a Suter in reveral particulars . ibid. The Doftrine, That Chrift defireth to be a Suter and arcali'eeder to e- very ful,:0;. Twofrgnsthereef . 204 Objcl:fions aufrrered ;1 hree ReafonsofChrifi.r love to the foul. zo; a Vie of exhortation todefire marriage and injoyment of CFsri/P,the ne- ceffity thereof zo9 The tranfcendent excellencyofChrifp, thed;gnityof his Birt{àand educati- on, ato. Hisgrreat portion and comlitrefs. 211 His cove tohis Spoufe, i t:.SeveralobjeéfionsanJwtred at; What we are to do ifwemarry Jelled Chri(f. - sarbene;ts by marrying ofChriff Amainfive particulars. id, 314. 8everot

THE SINCERE CONVERT. t3ifcovering the fmall number of true B s L 8 8 V$ R 3. CHAI'.I. That there is A God, and this God it moll glorious. m Exod.33.18. Xbefeech thee Shewme thy glory. piropa His is the firs divineTruth, o etk 1,4 and there arehefe twoparts confiderable in it. by' i .Thatthere isa God. z. That this God is moil glo I will begin with the fi.rft Th frff part, and prove(omitting twinyPhilofcphical Princip°e. Arguments)That there is a God,a trueGod; for everyNarign almoft in the world,until hri{is coming, had a feveral God. Sr meworíhippcd hd SNn, fome the Moon, called by Ezekiel, The Rzten of Heaven , which fome made B Ckes; ,

2 There is a God. L/Ne-N) Plim.tik I. Nu. Hift. Rom.t. God the Being of 13 ins. Sin blows out the light of Nature. The fitft giound to prove a God. The Sincere Convert. Cakes unto; Some the wholeHeavens ' fome worfhipped the fire, fome the briftebegas fome Baal,& fome Molech.The Romans(faiti; Varro) had ó000 gods; who imprifoning the light ofnature, we aregiven $5p tofins againfl nature, either to worfhip idols, ofmans in- vention, as the ignorant : or GOD andAngels in thofe Idols,as the learned did: but thefe are all falfe Gods. I am now to prove that there is one trgeGod, the Being ofBeings,orthe firft Being.A ithougl' the proving of this Point feems needlefs, be caufc every man runs with thecry, and faith, there i5 a God ; yet few throuRhly believe this Point. Many of thechildren ofGod, who are bell able to know mensitearts, becaufe they only fludy their heart, feel this temptation, Is therea God? bitterly affaulting them fome- times. The Devil will fornetimes undermine, and feek to blow up the ftrongeft walls and bulwarks. The light ofnature indeed Thews, that there is a God ; but how many are there, that by foul fins again(' their coufci'ence,blow out and extinguifb almoft all the light ofNa- ture ? and hence though they dare not con- clude, becaufe they have fome light, though dim ; yet if they faw their heart, they might tee it fecretly ftifpeft and queftion, whether there be a God. but grant that none queftions this truth, yet we that arebuilders, nut ti not fall to a work without our main props, and pillars : It may appear therefore, that there is a God, from thefe grounds. Firft, From the works of God, Rom. 1.20. When

The Sinccri Conveli I 3 When we fee a flately houfe, although we ke There is à d. not the man that built it, although allowe Go know not the time when it was built, 'vet will we conclude thus, Surely fome wifeArtiEcer, bath been working here : can we, whenwe behold the flately Theater of Heaven and Earth,conclude other,but that the finger,arms,1 and wifdome ofGod, bath been here,although we fee not him that is ifivilible; and although we know not the time when he began to build ? Every creature in Heaven andEarth is .a loud Preacher of this truth : Who let thofe Candles, thofe torches ofd on the Table ? Who , hung out thofe Lanthorns, in Heaven to enlighten a darkworld ? Who can make the ftatue of a nan,butone 1.vifer then the Rene out of which it ishewn ? Couldany frame a man, but one wifer and greater then man i Who taught the Birds tobuild their nells, and the Bees t.o. let up and order their Common- wealth ? Who fends the Sun poll from one end of Heaven to the other, carrying fo many thoufand bleffings to fo many thoufands of people and kingdoms ? What pOwer of man or Angels can make the leaft pileofgrafs, or put life into the leaft file, if once dead ? There is therefore a power above all created 'power, Which is Gad. Secondly, From the word of God ; There is The id. fuch a Majefty ftirring,and fuch fecrets.revea- ground to led in the word, that ifmenwill notbe wil- God prove a fully blind, they cannot but cryout, the voice ° of God,and not the voice ofman. HenceCalvin undertakes to prove the Scripture to be the B 2 WOtd

4 ?H 4 1 he L,Inceee envert. There is a word ofGod, by reafon, againft all Atheifts God. under Heaven. Hat thou not thought fome- -irY"Ni times at a Sermon, the Minifter hath fpoken ito none but thee, and that force or other bath 'told the Minifter what thou haft faid, what thou haft done, what thou haft thought ? now that word which tells thee the thoughts of thy heart , can be nothing elfe but the word of an all-feeing God, that fearcheth the heart. it is the I Again , that word which quickeneth the Nord of God that dead, is certainly Gods word,but the word of quickens God ordinarily preached, quickeneth the dead, Lae dead. it maketh the blind to fee, the dumb to fpeak, the deaf to hear, the lame to walk, thofe that never felt their fins to load them, to mourn, thofe that never could pray, to breathout unutterable groans and flails for their fins. The third Thirdly ,From the children 6(R-wen of God: ci rcur. to For we may read in mens foreheads, as foon rove a ever they are born,the frntence ofdeachond we may fee by mens lives what hellifh hearts they have. Now there is a time that fome of this monflrous broad ofmen are quite chang ed, and made all new ; they havenew minds, new opinions, newderires, new joys,new for- rows, i.ew fpeeches, new prayers, new lives, and fuel a difference there is betwixt thefe and Id others, that they are hated by others, who loved themwell while they loved their fins:and whence came this flrange change ? Is it from themfelves ? No ; for they hated this new life, and thefe new men once themfelves Is i becaufe they would be credited thereby ? No, it Job 3. 3.

The Sincere Convert., 5 it is to be hated of father, mother, friends,and There is a d. maligned every where. Is it out of 6mplicity, Go or are their brains grown crazy ? They were indeed once fools, and I can prove them all to be Solomons fools: but even fimple men have been known to be more wife for the world, after they have been made new. But billy, is it now from a flavifh fear ofhell, which works this alteration? Nothing lefs ; they abhor to live like haves in Birdewel, todo allfor fear of the whip. Fourthly, FromGods Regifter, or Notary, The fourth which is in every man ; Imean,theConfcience ground to Of Mtn whiCh telleth them there is a God : a prove and although they filence it fometimes, yet in G°d timeof thunder,or fome great plague, as Pha- raoh,or at the day ofdeath, then they are near Gods Tribunal, when they acknowledge him clearly.The fearful terrors ofconfcience prove this, which like a Bayliffarrefis men for their debts ; Ergo, there is fome Creditor to let it on ; fornetirnes like a hangman it torments men; Ergo, there is fome ffrange judge that gave it that command. Whence arife thefe dreadful terrors in men. Of themfelves? No furely, all defire to be in peace, and fo to live, and fleep in a whole skin. Comes it fromMe- lancholy ? No; for Melancholy comes on by degrees : thefe terrors of confcience furprife the foul fuddenlyat a Sermon, fuddenly after the commiffionof fome fecret foul fin. Again, melancholy fadnefs, may becured byPhyfick ; but many Phyficians havegiven fuch men over to other Phyfitians.' Melancholy fadnefs may B 3 be

The Sincere Convert., Theta is a' be born, bur-a wounded fJirit who can bear God. Tbt s you fee that there is a God. C:uj, ft. Obis&. IT'ho everfare God, that ev2r7 one zs than bold to affirm that there is a God . ufrv, 4nf'.indeed his face never was feen by mor- tal man, but his back partstave been feen,are feen, and may bePeen by all theworld,as hath been proved. Osica Obfe&. All things are brought to pats by fecondcaufes. Anfiv. I. What though? Is thereno Ma- iter in the houfe, becaufe the Servants do all the work ? This great God maintains fiate by doing all the creatures fubje&ion ; yet fome times we ma'y cry out inbeholding fome fpe- cial pieces of his adminiftration ; Here is the finger of God. ik e &. 2. What though there be fuck confufion in the world, as that ;dings (land for Pence, and counters nand for pounds, the beft men are bought and fould at a low rate, and worn men prized and preferred ; yet ifwe had eyes to fee and conceive, we thould fee an har- mony in this difcordof things.God is now like a wife Carpenter, but hewing out his work. There is a lumber and'.confui.îon feemingly a- ainong us, let us flay till the day of judgement, and then we (hall fee infinite wifdom in fitting all this for his ownglory, and for the'good of his people. Objeft. Ob je&. But if there be a God, Why hears he not his Peoples Prayers ? Why cloth he forget them when they have moft need of him? I anfwer, Noahs Dove returns not prefently with ..._._..---

The Sincere Convert. 7 wúh an Olive-branch of peace in his' mouth., There 13 a Prayer. fometime that fpeeds well returns not God: prefently, for want of company enough to fetch away that abundance of mercy which God bath to give : The Lord ever gives them heir asking in money or money-wroth, in the fame thing or a better. The Lord ever gives his importunatebeggers their defres, ei- ther in pence by little and little, or bypounds; long he is many times beforehe gives, but payelh them well for their waiting. This is a Ufe of reproofto all Atheifts either in opinionorpratl.ife. Fief., in opinion; fuch as either conclude,or vfe í. fufpeet there is no God. Oh'hlafphemaus thoughts I Are there any fuch men ? Men I nay beafis, nay Devils, nay worfe than./Devils, A diCcove- for they beleeve and tretn6le. Yet the fool bath ryof A- faid in his heart, there is no God, Pfal. 14..1. thesfzaa Men that have little heads, little knowledge, without hearts, as fcholars fometirnesof weak brains, being guided only by theirBooks,fee- ing how things come by fecond caufrs, yet cannot raife their dull thoughts to the behold- ing ofa úr11 caufe. Great Polititians are like children, always.ftanding on their heads, and fihaking their heels againfl Heaven;thefe chink Religion to be but a peice'ofpolicy, to keep people in awe profane Perfons defirirng;o' go on in fin, without any rubor check for fin, blowout all the light of nature, withing there . were no God to punifh, and therefore willing to fufpe& and fcruple that not tobe which in- deed is. Thofe alfo that have finned fecretly, B q. though

S There is a God. V ro Gad, , ir`,,ca veax ,or hell. A fecond ;pr,of.f to jcbesíis, The Sincere Convert. though not openlyagaint nature,or the light ofconfcience:God frr itesmen for incefl,Sodo- tny,felf pollution, with difmal blindnefs.Thofe atfo that are notorious- worldings,that look no hig! er than their barns, no further than thei, (hops : the world is a pearl in their eye., the3 cannot fee a God. Lastly I fufpe& thàfe men that never found out this thief this fin , that was bred and born with them, nor faw it in their own hearts', but there it lies í1i11 in fume dar. corner of their fouls , to cut their throats : there kind of men fometimes fafpe& there i. no God, O I this is a grievous fin 1 for if tic God, no Heaven, no Hell, no Martyrs, no Prophets, no Scrip, tires. Chrif} was then a horrible Tier, and an Impoflor. Other fins wrong and grieve God, andwound him, but this fin ffabs the very heart ofGod, it ftrikec at the life,and is(as much as lies in finful man) the death of God : for it faith, There it no God. Secondly,this reproveth Atheifts inprix ice, which Say there is a God, and queffion it not, but in works they deny him.He that plucks the King from his Throne,is as vile as he that faith, he is no King. Thefemen are almoff as bad as Ames fts in opinion. And of Inch duff-heaps we may fird in every corner, that in their pra- dice deny God, men that fet up other Gods in Gods room, their wealth, their honour, their pleafre, their back. and bellier to be their gods, men that make bold to do thatagainfl' this true God, which Idolatersdare not do a- Painft

he Sincere Coxveri. 9 Th gainft their Idol gods, and that is,continually ere is God. to wrong this God ; Men that feek-not for all they want by prayer, nor return all hack a- gain to Godby praife. A fecond Life iq,for Exhortation. Oh labour vfe 2. \ to fee and behold this God. is there a God, and wilt thou not give him a good look ? 01- pafs by all the rivers, till thou come to the fpring-head ; wade through allcre tures,un- till thouart drowned, plunged,and fwallowed up- with God. When thou feeft the Heaven, fay, Where is that great Builder that made this ? When thou hearell of mutations of Kingdoms, fay, Where is the Lord ofYofts, the great Captain of thefe Armies ? When thou tafteft fweetnefs in the creature, or in Gods Ordinances, fay, Where is fweetrefs it beauty it felf ? Where is the Sea of theft drops, the Sunofthefe Beams ? Oh 1 that men faw this God, it's Heaven to behold him : hou art then in a corner ofHell, that cants not,doft not fee him, & yet what is lefs known ban God ? Me thinks, whenmen hear there is a God about them, they fhould lie grove. 'jug in the dull, becaufe ofhis glory : Ifmen did fee him, they would fpcakofhim ; Who peaks of God?Nay,men cannot fpeak toGod; but as beggers have learned tocant, fo many a man to pray. Ohmen fee not God in prayer, therefore they cannot fpcak to Godby Prayer. Men fin, end God frowns, (which makes the Devils to quake ) yet mens hearts (hake not, becaufe they fee him not. Vfe 3. Oh make choice of this God as thy ,life 3. God. '

10 The Senoore Convert. --- There is a, God. What thoigh therebe a God,if _ i-t - b--e -- not Gd, o illy God, what art thou the better ? docin ,...."--so Make With all thy Idol gods, and let up this Geyd: If choice of there be any creature that ever did thee any God for good, that God fet not a work for thy good, Eby God, love that,think on that as thy God. If there be any thing that can give thee any fuccour on thy death-bed,or when thou art departed from this world, take that to be thy God. Thou mighteft bave been born in India and never have heard the true God, but worshipped the Devil for thy -God': Oh therefore make choice of him alone to be thy God ; give away thy fell wholly and for ever to him,and he wil give away his whole fell everiallingly unto thee. Seek him weeping, and thou fhalt find him. Wind thy fell by the firongeil Oaths and bonds in Covenant to be his, and he willenter into Covenant with thee, and lo be thine,7er.50.3 4,5. tire 4 The fourth Ilk is,an life ofcomfort to them that forfake all for this God : thoù hail not. loft all for nought, thou hail not cart away Eibaance for fhadows, but fhadows for fome- what ., Prov.8. i 8. When all comfort is.gone there is a God to comfort thee. When thouEaft no reil here, there is arto refi in : When thou art dead, hecan quicken thee ;when thou art, weak he is firong ; and when friends are gone, he will be a lure one to thee. Thus muchof the ail part ofthis Doftrine -or divine Truth, That there is a God : Now it followed] to thew you,that this God is a moll os loriow God,and that in four things he is glo- rious. T. In

The Sincere Convert. 1. In his Efence. 2. In his 4ttribaes. 3. In his Perfovts. 4-. In his WWf/crkr. There is a glorious God. z . He is Glorious in his Effence. Nowwhat I Gods this Glory is, no manor Angel bath, doth,or Effeace. eve (ball know ; their cockle {hell can never comprehend this Sea he mull have the will dom of God, and fo be a God, that compre- hendeth the Faience of God : but though it cannot be comprehended what it is, yet it may be apprehended, that it is incornprehenq- ble and glorious ; which makes his glory to be the more admired, as we admire the lulire of the Sun the more, in that it is fo great we can not behold it. 2. God is glorious ix' his Attributes, which z.Gocis are thofedivine perfections whereby he makes ,Attributes himfelfknown unto us. WhicliAttributes are not qualites in God,but narures.Godswifdom is God himfelf, and Gods Pozrer is God him- Pelf, &c. Neitherare they divers things in God, but they are divers only in regard of our u n- derfanding,and in regard or their different ef- fec`fs,or different objeds. God puniihingthe wicked, is the junice of God; God compa onating the miferable,is the mercy ofGod. Now theAttributes ofGod, omitting curi- ous divifions, are thefe. z.He is a Spirir,or a fpiritual God,74). .24. An expla therefore abhorsall worth:p,and all duties per- nationof formed without the influence of the Spirit ; as G64ac= to confefs thy fins without fhame car forrow, and to fay the Lords Prayer without tinder LXGod. {land-

12 TheSincere Convert. There is a (landing, to hear the Word that thou mayf glorious only knowmore, and not that thou mays} h G affe&ed more ;soh thefe carkaffes of hol,, duties are moil odious sacrifices before God. a.A living 2. He is a livingGod,whereby he livech of God; himfelf, and gives life to all other things.Awa} then with thy dead heart to this principle oc life to quicken thee, that his Almighty power may pluck theeout ofthy Sepulchre , unloof, thy grave-cloaths, that fo thoumayíi live. 3. He is an infinite God whereby he i. ;, tin inh without limits of being, 2 Chr.6 i 8. Horn. nite God, ble then is the leaf( fin that flrikes an infinite; great God, and lamentable is the elatedal, thofe with whom this God is angry: thou haf infinite goodnefs to forfake thee, and infinite power and wrath to fee againfl thee. 4. He is an E_ternd God,without beginning or end ofbeing, Pfd.86. ì. Great therefore is the folly ofthofe men that prefer a little short pleafure before this eternal God, that like Efau fell away an everla1ing inheritance for a littlepottage for a bafe lull and the plea- fure of it f An All 5 He is an All-faf fcient God, Gen.17. t . (uffxcient What lack you therefore ? you that would God. fain have thisGod, and the love of this God, but you are loath to take the pains to find him, or to be at coil to purchafe him with the lofs, ofall ? Here's infinite, eternall,prefent fweet-' nets, goodnefs, grace, glory and mercy to be found in this God. Why poll you from mountain to hill, why fpend youyour money, your .thoughts, time, endeavours on things that , q:. An eternal "God.

7he Sencere Convert. 13 that fatisfie not ? Here is thy refting place.Thy There is a gl cloaths may warm thee, but they cannot feed Godorious . thee ; thy meat may feed thee ; but cannot heal thee; thy Phyfick may heal thee, but cannot maintain thee; thy moneymay maintain thee, but cannot comfort thee, when d;f}reffes of confcience, and a.nguifh of, heart comeupon thee this God is joy in fadnefs, light indark- hod is o nefs, life in death, Heaven in Hell. Here is all! to ladc,efs. thine eye ever faw,thine,heart ever defired,thy tongue ever. asked, 'thy mind ever conceived. Here is all light in this Sun, and all water in this Sea,out of whom as but ofa Chriftal foun- tain, thou (halt drink down all the re5ned fweetnefs of all creatures in Heaven & Earth, for ever and ever. All the world is now leek- ing and tiring out themfelves for refhere,only it can be found. 6. He is an Omnipotent God, whereby he 6.An on, can do what ever he will;yeild therefore, and ,nir3ent Eland not out in the finful or fubtill dole main- God. tenance of any one finagainfl this God,fo po- werful, who can crufh thee at his pleafure. 7. He is an All-fetingGod : He knows what 7. An A?l- pofíiibly can be or may be known approve Peeing-` thy fell therefore to this God onely in all thy God. ways. It's no matter what men fay,cenfure,or think of thee.' It's no matter what thy fellow attours on this flage of the world imagine. God is the great Spedator that beholds thee in every place : God is thy Spie, and takes compleat rotice of all the adions ofthy life and they are in print in Heaven, which that great Spedator and Judge will open at the great

14 The Sincere Convert. There is a great day ; and read aloud in the ears ofall the glorious world. Fear to fin therefore in fecret, unlefs God, thou canfI find out fome darkhole where the eye of God cannot difcern thee. Mourn for thy fecret negled of holyduties, mourn for thy fecret hypocrifie, whoredom, prophane- rs, , I with flume in thy face come before for pardon and mercy. Admireand INN *, ill's patience, that having fan thce, hati. , or damned thee. 8. A vrtac 8. He is 4 trueGod; whereby he means to God, do as he faith.Let every childofGod therefore know to his comfort, that whatever he hath under a promife, fhall one day be all made goo,1 : and let all wicked men know, what- ever threatningGod hath denounced,whatfo- ever arrows are in the bow-thing, will one day flue and hit, and ftrike deep, and the lon- ger the Lord is a drawing, the deeper wound will Gods arrows(that is, Gods threatning make. 9. He is an Holy God ; Be not afhamed therefore ofholinefs, which ifit afcend above the common ftrain of honefly, the blind and mad world accounts it madnefs. If the rie-hteom, that is, thofe that bemolt holy, be lcarcely (aved,where fkall the so:godly And the fanner xppear ? I Pet.q..18. Where not before Saints nor Angels, for holinefs is their trade Not before the face of the Man Chrift Jefus, for holinefs was his meat anddrink,; Not be- fore the face of a bleffed God, for holinefs is his Nature ; Not in Heaven, for no unclean thing crawls there, they fhall never fee God, Chrift, Pr r ' 9. An holy God. viammaroosOrM.IroarnasaS aislanNwes.

C 7he.Sincere Coi erta 15 Saints, Angels, or Heaven;' to. their There is a comfort that are not holy:wear therefore that !°rsct s as thy crown now whichwill be thy glory in rd.r heaven,and if this be to be vile, be more vile. L` t o. He is a juft and merciful God,.. juft in ' , 0. A jllii himfelf, and fo will punith all fn : merciful anti flier- in th,e face ofChrift, and fo will punifh 'no fin, cirui God' having already born our punifhments for them. A jufl; God againft a hard .heapted fin- ner,a merciful God towards an humble firmer. God, is not all Mercy, and no Suffice, nor all Juftice and no Mercy. Submit to him his mercy embraceth tlee. Refift him, his juftice purfues tlje.. When a child ofGod is humbled indeed, commonly he makes God a hard-hear- ted, cruel God, loath to help ; and faich,Can fuch a firmer be pardoned? A wicked man that was never humbled, makes God a God of clouts, one that (howfoever he fpeaks heavy words, yet he is a merciful God, and)will not do as he faith, and he finds it no difficult work to beleeve the greatef finmay be pardoned : conceive therefore ofhim as you have heard. Thirdly, God is glorious in his Perfons ; God is which are three, Fietherbegetting, Son begot- glorious in ten and the holy Ghoft the third Perfon , his perfons proceeding.Here the Father is called the Fa- ther of glory, Eph. z. Chrift is called the Lord ofglory, i Cor. 2. and the Spirit is called the Spirit ofglory, i Pet.4.the Father is glorious in his great work of Redemption; the holy Ghoft is glorious in his work of Application ; theFather is glorious in chuffing the houfe, the Son is glorious in buying the Houfe, the Spirit is

6 The Sincere Convert. There Is a is glorious in dwelling in the Houfe, that is, I 1 g_or_OLIS God. the heart ofa poor lofi firmer. 4. He is glorious in his workr, in his works 4.God is of Creation, and in his works of Providence glorious in and Government: wonder tberekore that he Ms works. fhould,fo vouthfafe to look upor fuch worms, fuchdunghils, fuch Lepers as 1,ve are, to pro- vide, protei, to flay his Son ' co call,to ftrive, to wait, to give away himfelf and all that he is worth, unto Us- Oh fear this God wher you come before him. People come before God in prayer, as before their fellows,or as be- fore an Idol. People tremlile not at his voice in the word.AKing or Monarch will be ferved in State,yet how rudely, how flovenly domen The end of the firft ,, about every holy duty ? Thus much of the Principle. wil principle head, That there is one moft glo- . riota God. Nowwe are to proceed to the Co- fond. The id. Principle. DoE. I. CHAP. IL That this God made all mankindat firfi- in a mofi glorious andhappy efiate,like, unto him- f elf. F Or the opening of which Affertionj have chofen this Text, Eccl.7. 29. God made man righteous ; which clearly demon- firates, That God made all mankindat firft in Adam in amoft glorious, happy,and righteous eftate; Man when he came fiat out ofGods Mint, fhined molt glorious. There isa marvellous glory

The Sincere Convert. glory in all creatures,( the fervants and houf- Alan x a .c hold;-fluffofmari)theretore there was a greater i eflate, glory in man 1.1irpfelf, theend ofthem. God, c -,,, calleth a Parliament, and gathers a Councel The crew- - when Man was to be made; and faid,Come let' cure: amts r izs make man an oxr own Image; as though an Servincs. tine wifdom oftl e Trinity filculd b feen in the creation ofman. Wherein did theglory and bieffednefs ofmart obi& appear ? In the impret son of Gods Image upon him,; An Gen. 1.26. Cali there he any greater glory for a ?ofeph, for a fub;e&, then to be like his Prince? What 7va4 the br erfie ofGad ? The Schoolmen and Fathers' have man; Arraj. curious ( yet fome neceffary) though ditcult quefl ions about this. I will omit all theirs, and tell you only what is the A poirles judgment, Col. 3.26. Out ofwhich this general def.cripti- on of Gods Image may be thus gathered : It LS mans perfee`iion of holinefs, refemblino Gods EP.h' 44' admirable Holinefs,whereby only mìan pleafet vie God. of (lad in For, all other inferiotir creatures, did tarry mid.. the marks & footileps of Gods Power,wifdom, Goodnefs , whereby all thefe Attrbtutes were feen.Oneof the moil: perfe;,} Attributes his h. 0- linefs,he would have menonly appear ir,& be made mainfei by eman, his bell; inferioúr crea- ture,as a Kings wifdom and bounty appears in managing the affairs of all his Kingdom ; but his Royal, Princely, and moll eminent per- fe&ions appear in the face and difpofition of C ... his i`'-`3'7-1,°.1.7+"i.é.a""

i8 The Sincere Convert. Man made his Son next under him. But more particular.- cítàblefre ly this 'Image of God appeared in thefe four ... pa rticulars. i.In mans I. In mans Vnderfkanding : this was likeun. underftan- to Gods. NowGods image here chiefly con- ding. fifled in this particular, viz. As God faw him- lfelf, and beheld his own infinite, endlefs glory and excellency ; fo man wasprivy to Gods ex- 'cellency, and faw God moll glorioufly ; as 1.44-ofes thougha finful man, faw him face to face, much more Adam a perfe& man ; God lovingman, could dono tefs then reveal him- felf toman. sin his ) z.In his aífe ions : the Image ofGod chief- affe tIons. ly appeared in two things. Firf1, as God feeing himfelf, loved himfelf. fo Adam feeingGod loved this God more then the World, more than himfelf.AsIron put in_ { to the fire, feems tobe nothingbut fire ; fo A- !dam being beloved ofGod, was turned into a lump of love,to love God again. Secondly, as God delighted in himfelf: fo did Adam delight in God, took fweet repofe in the bofome ofGod. Me thinks I fee Adam rapt up in continual extafies in having this God. Prov.s. 3. In his will : the Image of God chiefly ;.Inmans appeared in two things will. Firft. as God only willed himfelf, as his laft end : fo did Adamwill God, as his laft end, not as mandoth now. Second),as God willednothing but good,fo did Adamwill nothing ( though not immuta- bly ) but good, for Gods will was his. 4. In . _ . . . . .... . .