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.4.4' 4 - qsitatia#AGIIVIC,ti=13.-L-7 98 Few are favcd, anti th.t with difficuhy. The Sincere Convert. yafions. ofGods love to him, and ask him why he hopes to be faved. He will anfwei,1 read, hear, love good men cry out of thefins of the time. And tell him again that an Hypocrite may climb thefe fi:airs , and go as far ; He will reply true indeed , but they do not what they dowith a found heart , but to be feenofmen. Mark now how thefe men feel. a good ,heart in themfelves, -and in all things they do, and therefore feell not a want of all good, which is poverty of fpirit, and therefore here they fall fhort, ifoiah 66.2. there were divers Hypocrites forward for the woi-fhip of God in the Temple, but God loathes thefe, beclufe not poor in fpirit, to them onely it is laid the Lord will look. I have feen many profeffors very forward for all good duties, but as ignorant 017C:brill when they are rifted, as blocks. And ifa man ( as few do ) know not Chrill, he mull reft in his duties ' becaufe he knowes not Chrift , to whom he muff go and he carried if every he be faved. I have heard of a man that beingcon- demned todie,thought to efcap the Gallowes, and to fave himfelf from hanging,by a certain, gift he faid he had of whiffing ; fo men,feek to fave ileinfelves by their gift of know/edge, gift of numory,, ga of Prayer and '^,V hen they fee they mutt die for their fins; this is the ruin of many a foul, that though he for- fake e/Egypt `and hill tins, and fiefh- pots there, and will never be fo. as he bath been, yet he never cometh into çanan, but lofeth himfelf and his foul in wil rnefs ofmany eitaies,and there nerifbeth. Thirdly, God looks orl the poor in