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144 The Swert Convert. 49s per- _i Thirdly, wilful ignorance of the horrible] dicion of wrath of God. Hence men rufh on in fin as him1elf the hórfe into the battei. Hence' mennever (`rV\") fear their eflates,becaufe they know not Gods When men are wrathhanging over thern.Coldeflfnakes,when willfully thy are frozen with cold , never fling nor ignorant, hurt one may carry a net/ of them in his he fcaC their' never D me, but bring them to the ire, then they elates. hi fs and fling : So fin,when it is brought near Gods wrath, (that devouring fire) it makes men cry out of themfelves,Then I am undone ! Oh, I am a loft creature !But being not thus heated, fin never makes a man cry out of him- felf. Theft, are the caufes why men are ignorant oftheir woful, miferableetRate.; which Is-nor- srnce is the fit-í} Rock, or the first powder-plot, that fpoils thoufands. Yet there are three more dangerous,becaufe more fecret. The le- Now followeth the fecond reafon ofman cond Rea ruine. By reafon of marls carn6l fecurity, ionW, whereby, men cannot be affected with, nor fo then rune tt;emfèlves, much as have hearts to defire to come out of is carnal their mifery when they know it : for ifa mans fecurí:y. mind underfiand, his mifery; yet if the heart be hard or fleepy, and not aí`fea .d, loader), wounded, humbled, and made to groan un,: der it, he will never greatly care tocome out of it, Ifa. 29.9,10. Now this is theelateof many a foul ; he Both knów his mifery, but by reafon of the fleepy, fecuee; fenflefs fpirit offlun:ber, he never feels it; nor mourns un- der it, and fo comes not out ofit. Now