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The Sincere Convert. 149 Maus per - overcome. O flothfull hearts I Secondly be- gcionf ?s caufe God fometimes puts them to {traits, and òf. hin- cÌf. denies themwhat they fought for, they we . offuch a wafpith teafty, Pullen fpirit, that be- caufe the Lord had them not aways on his knees, they wouldrun away : fo many a man Meets with forrow'enough in his finfull, drop - fie drunken eftate, he hears of Heaven, and better eftate, yet why goes' he to his lùfts and flefh-potsagain !. Oh, becaufe there are fo ma- ny difficulties, and blocks, and hinderances in his way ; and becaufe they pray and find-not eafe, therefore theyeat, drink, laugh, fpor - t, and fleep in their miferable effate.f±ill, A-at. 7. 14. therefore men walk in the broad -way; be- caufe the other way to life is ftraight and nar- row, it is a plague,a burthen, a prifoei,to be fo aria.; men had rather fit almoft an hour in the flocks,then be an hour at prayer; men had rather be damned at laff, then fweat 'it out and run through the race to receive a Crown and 'hence men remain fecure. Sixthly Becaufe of the ftranp,e, ftrong xeajon 6. power of finne which bears that wa y over W 'y anen p f } ruin cf::m- mens fouls, that they muff ferve it, as prifon- (elves. ersftoop to their Jaylors, as Souldiers tl-at Roni.r. have taken their pay, their pleafureoffn.,rriui. ult. follow it as their Captain though they go marching on to eternal1 ruine ; nay, though dooms day should be to morrow,yet they rrmuff and will ferve their his. As the Sadomites when they were fmitten with blindneffe which tormented their eyes as though they , had been pricked with thornes ( for fo,the F1ebrew', L3 ' word