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The Contents. iSigsts ofa malts re f ing in duties, fhezned in fix particu- lars. 166. The infufficiency of dutie.s to favea man, in three,particulars. 172 Goodduties not to be call- offbut 'our re:('ting ir.t them. I 74. The true end ofour goodduties;andwhy we ynu f perform them. ibid. Goodduties are the means by which we come to Chrif ..275 Good duties the evidences llGods love to ara in Chrif . ib. Good duties honours Godand Chrif, being vied. 176 The fourth general reafon or,7ay howmen ruine thrill- Myer ,ps, Prefumption or falf.54ith. 177. The diffi- culty ofconverting prefumptious e,=.- confident mes1. 178 A true andprecious faith is got at a high ;4teb ibid. TheContents of the Aditions. TheSaints ewel Jhcøinghow to apply thè promi(es, gBx.TheDot,,;ne That God made many prom[es to his people,'. . 3.1Zea(onswhy, it', ei4 ZJ(e oftrial,>t8S. A V/c ofcomfort, i y. Several DbjecFfionsanfreer- e,d, Ibid. rbe perpetuity ofGods love to his people, i90 4 Vie of terror to the wicked, s 9z Men in their natural condition are under thecurre, íbid Their bleffings arc cur(es,p. i 9;. f hencglea of dhties a double fin, t+yet Death bed repentancedaargeror(4,195. eíi Yfe ofexhortatiott,to lay hold o1: the Rromides, with feveraleneouragemenrsthereto. i 9 fieftfety ofbelecving,zvithfive Impediments and five Helps. 198 rhe fouls inv4ionto lens Ch,rifi. zcro Ciiriffcompared to a Suter in reveral particulars . ibid. The Doftrine, That Chrift defireth to be a Suter and arcali'eeder to e- very ful,:0;. Twofrgnsthereef . 204 Objcl:fions aufrrered ;1 hree ReafonsofChrifi.r love to the foul. zo; a Vie of exhortation todefire marriage and injoyment of CFsri/P,the ne- ceffity thereof zo9 The tranfcendent excellencyofChrifp, thed;gnityof his Birt{àand educati- on, ato. Hisgrreat portion and comlitrefs. 211 His cove tohis Spoufe, i t:.SeveralobjeéfionsanJwtred at; What we are to do ifwemarry Jelled Chri(f. - sarbene;ts by marrying ofChriff Amainfive particulars. id, 314. 8everot