Shepard - Houston-Packer Collection BV4914 .S5 1659

The Sincere Convert. 3 You therefore that now fay, no man can Mans mt fay,blackis your eye,you have lived civilly all folly, byhls your caves, look upon this one grievous fin, take a full view of it, which thou hall never Secondly, flied one tear for as yet, and fee thymifery by dtadin,(ìn. it,and wonder at Gods patience,he bath feared thee whowas born branded with it, and haft lived guilty of it, and mull perifh forever for it,if the Lord fromHeaven petty thee not. But here is not all,confider fecondly, every marl is born itark dead in fin, Epher. a. i . !leis born empty of every inward principle of'life, void of all grace, and bath no more good in. him, ( whatfoever he thinks)thari a dead carri- on hath. And he is under the power offn,aS a dead man is under the power ofdeath; and cannot perform anyadoflife : their bodies are living coffins to carry a dead foul up and down in. 'Tis true (I confefs ) many wickedmen do manygood a }ions,aspraying,he.aring, fllrnef- deeds, but it is not from any inward principle oflife. External -motives, like plummets on a dead ( yet artifical) .clock,fet them a runnn'ing. Bea a&E ?elm was zealous, but it was only for a King nns oft e dome : the Pharifees gave alms only to be Peen hided g Y éiow.fn.u1 ofmen. Ifone write a Will with a dead mans hand deceafed, that Will cannot ftand in any Law, it was not his Will, becaufe it was not writ by him, by any inward principleof life of his own. Pride makes a man reach ride makes a man ` ear, and pros fometîmes. Self-' love ftirs up itrangedefiresin men, fo that we may