Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

Jlf!icked men fioles. IJ ncff~, when the n1att~r is wondrous gre-at that it deferues any pitch of atfediofl then a man n1:1 y be eager, and \vife:hut for the things of tbis life:t for a man to difquiet himfelfe .and others,to hunt a vainefhadow, (as the Pfalmift faith ) after rithes and honour; and. to ·ne g. Ic·tt · the may ne end of a -mans life, it is t?xtreame folly a man· that is paffi- · onate in this refpect cannot be wife, all fooles are paffionatc, and· \vickeq men have their : ~ffedions fet deeply on foruewhat elfe befides God. Becaufe pa.ffion . prefents ;Paffio~ pre h . . £ !Cc 1-m fentsthmgs . t_ tngs tn ~ a ~ eg a e; as falfeiy. : · when