Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

~ '1. Authority .of death.. ,, · Miferre£ . wicked lll_CD~ . \ - Gates of ded-th, Jlfl hat. g~tes enter 'into the , Cine. Seco~dly,g~tet ~re · .~ .. · plyed to J~atb for aurhoritie, they ' were almofl: in deaths jurifdil'fion; death is a gt:eat,hee r.ules over all ·the men in the · wor~d, oyer Kings, aQd Potentates, ·over meane men, and the gre~ .. ell:-me~ feare death mo£1:-·· : hce>is the King of feares as · Io!J calls him, I, and the fear _.ofKings. Yet ·4e~thtbatis thus feared in· this I~ife by wicked ~en, at the day of judgement, of all thiags in the wotld they lball de· ~ lire death, moft, according · ~o ·thar in the Apocalips~ T!J~yftu~ll defirt .deAth,, 4fJS ' it ' \