Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

. . , ·pray in AffliBiiln. 67 . dan...ger wee are in ~- What enexnies wee .. have provoked ~ What if \vee be ·free from the ficknelfe, are we not in great danger of worfe matters then · the fickneffe ~ 1 sit not wor[ u to foil into the h~tnds tJf fJtJr tnemieJ ? Have 1vee not , great, provoked; · cruell , ·Idolatrous enemies 1 ther- · _ fore le~ as joyrttly ·now all cry to Go I>, and imp<?r.. ·tune him, that bee would heegood to the State,.that as he bath given us a pledg ofhis favour iri delivering us from the ·plague,fo hee would not bee ·weary of ·doing good unto us, but that hee woHid frill make it a token of farther fa- · vours, . ·--------~--------~~---- ' '