Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

pr4J iri affliction. 6 9 a malefactor feeks to the judge before'the time of the Affires,and when hee feeks to him at the pre .. fent time, for . tlten ~t is meerly out offelfe ref?eet · and n<>t refpett to him. If Godnow ·hee will ftngle, and qtarke out_ · thofe that mourne for the - fins of eh~ time,and poure out their fpirits to hitn i n prayer that hee would frill u well and continue the meanes of falvation amC>ngft us,when G1JI P,y Mal. J? · co'!llts to g~thtr his Iet~el!s M4l.3.He will fingle, and cull out them as peculiar to himfelfe; , Remember Therefore let us in all ; ~beChurch our prayers puf in · th! ·. tnourpr~y· eh h ers. - urc , ·