Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

20 · / ,JYorkts o{prep~tr4tion though ye~ fhee was not ripened in the true Religi• on,fhee was a woman that , feared God.' - _ _ From fuch kind of pia. CC$ as this, we haue .occalion to. fpeake ofwor'kes of prepar~tion. Saint P4ul was fent to her, lhee :wa,s / a wom,an that feared God. ,_ To fpeak alittle of wor~s of preparati~n. _ Workts of It is true, God uf"ally pceparati.. p·repares .· thofe that 1)-ee,- on rieceffa meanes to convert: as we l"f tO COll• . verlion; . plow be~ore w·e fow' wee _do~ riot) fow among_ the · thornes, and-we dig deep , to lay a foundation, wee purge be fore-Cordialls. It is ufuall 'in -nature, aRd in grace prepa~~tions:ther- . ·rGre_