Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

, I :only. All the Angels·, in, h'eauen-. c~nnot giue one grace, not the lean giace; G-racecomes.meerlyfrom. Goa: it is Pl)eerly fi·om, God : ·All t-he cpeatur the) world~ canno~ open · the heart, but Ged only b-y · his koly fpirit: For nature cannot 1 ·doe aboue . its fpbere ('aswefay) aboue its owne -power. Na-tural1 thingscan doe but -natumll things •.For nature toraife - ·it fe1fe up to , beleeue· hea. - ve_tlly things it cannot be. · ·Therefo_re as. you fee V-4·" pours goe' as. high ·as tb~ fuane drawesthem up and no higher: fo thefoule ef ·man. !s lift .up to ,heauen-. ' ·Iy.·thlngs. bythe power of' i:· --~....__....,. ..........,............... G~o....;a!~ · ·