Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

Vfo Patience t~ others. 2. Tim~~. ' ' ! \ · GoJ open~ ,the heArt. - need aot bee much in fo · eatie an argument, that yoB are well enough ac- · quaiated \Vith. Naturally the heartis1ha~, ·and God only muft open ir. This · fhould teach~ us patience; when we can do little good wit~ thofe that are --~under us by • all : our inftrud:ions, and ~ cor;.. - redionswait the due time. Grace is not of thy giving,the heart is not of thy· opening, (j.r of any ··mans opening :therefore· as it is 2 Tim. z, waite, aad beare with patience llltn of contr~~:rie mimls,waitingwben· Godin duetimegiue them grace to repent.. Graceis _ Glds_creatureit is none of our