Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

44 ' ' , · H 1w to 4tltntl - plying of the mind, · tht ~ I mind muft b~ fanelifie~, and ftr.engthened:t~e foule . muft be fan~ified before:., iccan· 2t tend. , : .teafon is; nothing .\c(fn flow but from. a fit- ~ . table fjcultie, and 'ability.' to '·a·ttend is a.power and · aet of the foule :J. it mull: come from· a fftnctitied ' power of ·the foule, tile . , · heart l)luft firft bee ope-; ned,and then the heart at~ tends. GoJ· fayth, he_ will cir~pmcife tqe hea~t, and I , .then we. thaJl .Ioue him, he fanctifies the heart, and · then it loues· him. GQt/ .. cpangeth and a]~re~h the fra~e of the (oJ,de) ' and the~ holy · aClipns come from