Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

so The Go[pell the Ground The ~of- 'Tte feed · An-d gro~nJ pell the ~ • h . h G a~ // . . Ground of J 41t ts t e ~Jpe • . .. faith; - Her heare was opened to ·attend eo hJt, that P4ul fpake whicil , was the .Gofpell. An~ indeed fo it is. I The foundation· ·of faith, the word of faichjs , ~ tl)e Gofpell : nothing., can ,. ' breed faith but the word I /- ( ·. of G1J: for how can w· hope for heauen,and ~ap· pinelfe, but by the mind of God di(covered r Can welooke for a9y thing but · G Q n mu.ft difcover his mind to beftow -it~- and where haue wee the mind . _and b)fome of Gad op.e·n- ·ed tous, is it· not from · ·. the