Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

.. ' Tryalls ofttt.tending faith and repentance "is in tbe words: but he hatb a fpirit'uall light to kn.ow what the things a~e, what repentance is, and faithj , and love; and hope, and . _patience, hee knowes tQ~ things., And likewife ne· that_hath attended to pur. ::·-pofe he ea~ do.the things: -be not only knoTNes what ~e · fhoul.d doe; but by ~1e grace of the fpirir, and at. - tendipg upon the word of G0~,he knowes how ·to doe thetn. Grace teacheth · him not. · onely that hee ~fhould denie himfelfe,and ~ive fobtrly, and righte· · . oufly, and Godly, but Jt te·a. cheth him how to live fo- ~erir and righteoull y ,and . . . . Godly.