Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

. ' . , . ·. the"anfwer .ofagoodcon. fciemce, thi~ eccho, where. there is ~attention. to the l<VQrd of God by the fpi- ' rit, there is an eccho to that the fpirit fpeaks,Lord iris gnod, and it is goed for' me, ifi-yeeld to this, if I ·:doe nor, it is .-naught '· , · for me to ~>put off ·re pepranee H!l another~ day; I detire to yeeld no\v;. and oh l that my heart were direct:ed;ifitbe.rebellious, a·nd net yceldi.rJg, there· is a defiretha.t the heart rnay he ·brougnt ·irito fubjedi· on to every -truth revea: led, there is a gracious eccho in them that. attend re purpofe. , ,, Then againe thofe that , . doe