Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

\_ · feale of t_he·- Covenant, baptifme. The divell is ·an vticircum·cifed, dam. ned, curfed .fpirit, hee .is out of the Covenant: but I am in -the Covenant :' Cbtifl: is-mine, the holy Ghoft is ·mine-, and Goi is mine, therefore let usfiand·againftall trhe t~mp. . tat-i()ns of t·hat vn-circ\um- , cifed,vn&aptized damned ' fpirit; - ~he thinki~g ·. ~f our baptifme · thus, will 'help qs to r~ftfttl/e :Pe__ vill,' he is· a·cow;1rd, if bee be·e . refified· he \viH, flee: · and what wil~better refift him then · the {2oveaant of grace, and the feale ofit .P .· · Whet! we ate ·tempted to· · finn.e, Ictus thinke, what ~ · haue