Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

-.' g~od · {;Overnour in a fa~ . milie ;, he_ brings· a ·blef- - ' !ing i upan· his boufe: the Church of God is in his · ·:ltou.fe. There cannot be a ·tn<>re ·b0nor•1 b~e· title to . any hoafe,then tq fay it ,is -the Church of God:that the Governour of the fa. · miHe brings all if!, fub- ~ j-etlion to God; ~hat as he 'Will nave -all ferve him, fo he will have all. ferve God; that k·ewillnot liave. a fervant but ' he-!hall be the fervant of ·God;,nora child but he -thall be the child of .God; an'd he la.. ~ . hours : to mal<e· his · wife tbeSEoufeofChritt.rhus it 1hould be faid of every Chriftian familie i --and ·. . , . then ··.. ~ . · ~ I . ) ' I