Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

hAve jNdged mee foith- ·. J . foil. . It implies that 'S. Paul,- and holy men would be more' firange·e'lfe.· And fo. there lhould: not be inti~ mate familiaritie ( con-. ver{e there may be, but not . f ami~larit -ie) ·with tliof~. that are n·oc faithfull. In-, different carriage·to all alike Jhewes a rotten heart : thofe th~t make1no difference befweene gJlOd Chrifiians and formall hypocrites, _ No; bpt if you have judged me faith- · full f_ome to my hou fe. As · if fhe h~d faid, 1 know. y·our fpiri~s are fucb, that except you judge ~e faithfuU ,. you will not - · t.ake -.