Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

06 THE BRUISED REED ers ; of whom we may speak unto him as they of Lazarus, Lord, the church which thou lovest, and gavest thyself for, is in distress: Lord, this poor Christian, for whom (Isaiah liii.) thou wert bruised, is bruised and brought very low. 6. Again, considering this gracious nature in Christ, let us think with ourselves thus, when he is so kind unto us, shall we be cruel to him, in his name, in his truth, in his children? How shall those that delight to be so terrible to the meek of the earth, hope to look so gracious a Saviour in the face : they that are so boisterous towards his spouse, shall know one day they had to deal with himself in his church. It cannot but cut the heart of those that have felt this love of Christ, to see him wounded, who is the life of their lives and the soul of their souls. This maketh those that have felt mercy, weep over him whom they have pierced with their sins. There cannot but be a mutual and quick sympathy between the head and members. When we are tempted to any sin, if we will not pity ourselves, yet we should spare Christ in not putting him to new tortures. The Apostle could