Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING FLAX. 95 sin is not so much as that disquiet which any- corruption, favoured, will bring i1pon us afterwards. True peace is in conquering, not ih yielding. The comfort in this text is intended for those who would fain do better, but find their corruptions clog them; who are in such a mist, that oftentimes they cannot tell what to think of themselves; who fain would believe, and 'Yet oft fear they do not believe, and think that God cannot be so good to such sinful wretches as they are ; and yet they allow not themselves in these fears and doubts. . 5. And among others: How do they wrong themselves and him, who will have other mediators with God for them besides him ! Are any more pitiful than he who became man to that end, that he might be pitiful to his own flesh? Let us at all times repair to this meek Saviour, and put up all our suits in his prevailing n'ame. What need we knock at any other door; can any be more tender ·over us, than Christ? What encouragement have we to commend the state of the church in general, or of any brokenhearted Christian, unto him be our pray-