Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

100 THE BRUISED REtD tyranny. And then especially when it is where most mercy should be shewed. Yet even there, some, like cruel surgeons, delight to make long cures, to serve themselves by the misery of others. It bringeth men under a terrible curse : " when they will not remember to shew mercy, but persecute the poor :tnd needy man, that they might even slay the broken in heart," Psalm cix. 16. Likewise to such as raise temporal advantage to themselves, out of the spiritual misery of others ; and such as raise estates ~ by betraying the church, and are unfaithful in the ttust committed unto them. When the children shall cry for the bread of life and there is none to give them, bringing thus upon the people of God that heavy judgment of a spiritual famine, starving Christ in his members. Shall we thus requite so good a Saviour, who counteth the love and mercy shewed in feeding his lambs as shewed to himself! 9. They carry themselves very unkindly towards Christ, who stumble at his low stooping to us in his government and ordinances, who are ashamed of the simplicity of the Gospel, who count preaching fooli::~hness. They, out of the pride of