Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SM<:JKING FLAX. 101 their heart, think they may do well enough without the help of the Word and Sacraments ; and think Christ took not state enough upon him,-and therefore they will mend the 1natter with their own devices, whereby they rnay give the better content to flesh and blood, as in Popery. "Vhat greater unthankfulness can there be, than to despise any help that Christ in mercy bath provided for us. In .the days of his flesh, the proud Pharisees took offence at his familiarly conversing with sinful men, who only did so, as a physician to heal their souls. What defences was St. Paul driven to make for himself, for his plain·· ness in unfolding the Gospel. The more Christ in himself, and in his servants, shall descend to exalt us, the more we shou1d with all humility and readiness entertain that love, and magnify the g·oodness of God, who hath put the great work of our salvation, and laid the government upon so gentle a Saviour, who will carry himself so mildly in all things, wherein he is to deal betwixt God and us, and us and God. The lower he comes down to us, the higher let us lift him up in our hearts: so will all those do that have eve.r found the experience of his work in them.