Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND 'SMOKING FLAX. 1 07 with their present contentment ; that will not divide I,ord from Jesus, and so make a Christ of their own ; none ever did truly desire mercy-pardoning, but desired mercy-healing. David prayeth for a new ~pirit, as well as for a sense of pardonIng mercy. This also sheweth that those are misled, who make Christ to be only righteousness to us, and not sanctification, except by imputation: whereas it is a great part of our happiness to be under such a Lord, who was not only born for us and given unto us, but bath the government likewise upon his shoulders, that is our Sanctifier as well as our Saviour; our Saviour as well by the effectual power of his Spirit from the power of sin, as by the merit of his death from the guilt thereof; so that this be remembered, that the first and chief ground of our comfort is, that Christ as a priest offered himself as a sacrifice to his Father for us. The guilty soul flieth first to Christ crucified made a curse for us. Thence it is that Christ bath right to govern us : thence it is that he giveth us his Spirit as our guide to lead us home. In the course of our