Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

106 THE BRUISED REED vinceth us also of the necessity of his government to rule us. IIis love to us moveth him to frame us to be like himself; and our love to him stirreth us up to be such as he may take delight in, neither have we any more faith or hope in the care to be purged as he is pure; he maketh us subordinate governors, yea kings under himself, giving us grace not only to set against, but to subdue in some measure our base affections. It is one main fruit of Christ's exaltation that he may turn every one of us from our wickedness, Acts iii. 26. " For this end Christ died and rose again and liveth, that he should be Lord of the dead and living." Rom. xiv. 9. God bath bound himself by an oath that he would grant us, that" without fear we might serve him in holiness and righteousness in his sight,'' not only - in the sight of the world. This may serve for a trial to discern who may lay just claim to Christ's mercy; only those that will take the yoke, and count it a greater happiness to be under his government than to enjoy any liberty of the flesh; that will take a whole Christ, and not single out of him what may stand