Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING FLAX. 109 tures; they seek for heaven in hell, that seek for spiritual love in an unchanged heart. 'Vhen a child obeys his father, it is so from reasons persuading him, as likewise from a childlike nature, which giveth strength to these reasons: it is natural for a child of God to love Christ so far as he is renewed; not only from inducement of reason so to do, but likewise from an inwm·d principle and work of grace, whence those reasons have their chief force ; first, we are made partakers of the Divine nature; and then we are easily induced and led, by Christ's Spirit, to spiritual duties. . Second Conclusion.-That Christ's government, in his church and in his children, is a wise and well-ordered governm~nt, because it is called judgment, and judgn1ent is the life and soul of wisdom. Of this conclusion, there are two branches; 1. That the spiritual government of Christ in us, is joined with judgment and wisdom. 2. Wherever true spiritual wisdom and judgment is, there likewise the Spirit of Christ bringeth in his gracious government. For the first, a well-guided life, by the