Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

110 THE BRUISED REED rules of Christ, standeth with the strongest and highest reason of all, and therefore holy 1nen are called the children of wisdom, and are able to justify, both by reason and experience, all the ways of wisdom. Opposite courses are folly and madness. Hereupon St. Paul saith, that a spiritual man j udgeth all things which appertain to him, and is judged of none that are of an inferior rank, because they want spiritual light and sight to judge, 1 Cor. ii. 15. Yet this sort of men will be judging, and speaking ill of what they know not. They step from ignorance to prejudice and rash censure, without taking right judgment in their way, and therefore their judg1nent comes to nothing. But the judgment of a spiritual man, so far as he is spiritual, shall stand, because it is agreeable to the nature of things : as things are in themselves, so they are in his judgment. As God is in himself infinite in goodness and majesty, so he is to him. He ascribes to God in his heart, his divinity, and all his excellencies. As Christ is in himself the only Mediator, and All in All in the church, so he is to him by 1naking hin1 so .in his