Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING FLAX. 11 f heart. As " all things are dung, in comparison of Christ," so they are to Paul, a sanctified man. As the very worst thing in religion, " the reproach of Christ, is better than the pleasnres of sin for a season," so it is to Moses, a man of right esteem. As" one day in the courts of God, is better than a thousand elsewhere," so it is to David, a Inan ofreformedjudg... ment. There is a conformity of a good rnan's judgment to things as they are in themselves. According to the difference or agreement put by God in things, so doth his judgment differ or agree. Truth is truth, and error is error, and that which is unlawful is unlawful, whether men think so or not . God bath put an eternal difference betwixt light and darkness, good and evil, which no creature's conceit can alter; and therefore no man's judgn1ent is the measure of things any further than it agrees to truth, which God hath stamped upon things themselves. Hereupon, because a wise man's judgn1ent agrees to the truth of things, he may, in some sense, be said to be the .measure of things; and the judgment of one holy wise man is to be preferre~