Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

120 THE BRUISED HEED Prov. xix. 16. And it is made good by St. Paul, " If we live after the flesh we shall die," Horn. viii. 13. \V e learn likewise that men of an Illgoverned life 110 true judgment. No wicked man can be a wise man. And that without Christ's Spirit, the soul is in confnsion, without beauty and form, as all things were in the chaos before the creation. The whole soul is out of joint till it be set in again by I-Iim whose office it is to restore all things. The baser part of the soul, which should be subject, ruleth all and keepeth under tha.t little truth which is in the understanding, holding it captive to base affections. Satan, by corruption, getteth all the holds of the soul, till Christ, stronger tha:n he, cometh, and driveth him out and taketh possession of all the powers and parts of soul and body, to be weapons of righteousness to serve him. And then, new lords, new laws. Christ, as a new conqueror, changeth the fundamental laws of old Adam, and establisheth a government of his own. The Third Conclusion is, that this government is victorious. The reasons are ~