Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKI~G :FLAX. 119 but that in particular it seeth that which is best. In this case base respects-, spring·- ing frorri self.-love, do not alter the case and bias the judgment to a contrary way, but that which is good in itself, shall be good-unto us, although it cross our particular w0rldly interests. The right understanding of this bath an influence on practice, which bath drawn me to a more full explanation. This will teach us the right .method of godliness ; to begin with judgment, and then to beg of God together with illumination, holy inclinations of our will and affections, that so a perfect government may be set up in our hearts, and that our " knowledge may be with all judgment," that is, with experience and feeling. When the judgment of Christ is set up in our judgments, and thence byhis Spirit brought into our hearts, then it is in its proper place and throne. Until then truth doth us no good, but helpeth to condemn us. The life of a Christian is a regular life; and he that walketh by the rule of the new creature, peace shall be upon him. He that despiseth his way, and loveth to live at large, seeking all liberty to the flesh, shall die,