Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING FLAX. 123 little, will prevail. A little thing, in the hand of a giant, will do great matters. A little faith, strengthened by Christ, "vill work wonders . ." To him that hath, shall be given/' The victory over any corruption or temptation is a pledge of final victory. As Joshua said, when he set his foot upon the five kings whom he conquered, ' ' Thus God shall do with all our enemies." Heaven is ours already, on~y we strive till we hav~ full possession. Christ, as king, brings a commanding light into the soul, and bows the neck, and softens the iron sinew of the inner man. And where he begins to rule, he rules for ever, his kingd,om hath no end. The end of Christ's coming was to destroy the works of the devil, both for us and in us. And the end of his resurrection, was not only to seal unto us the assurance ofhis victory, but to quicken our souls from a death in sin; to free them from such snares and sorrows of spiritual death as accompany the guilt of sin; to raise them up more comfortably, as the sun breaks forth more gloriously out of a thick cloud; to raise us out of particular