Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

.AND SMOKING FLAX. l2.S have his end in us, and faith resteth as·· sured of it, and this assurance is very operative, stirring us up to join with him in his ends. And so for the church in general, by - Christ it will have its victory: He is that " little stone cut out of the mountain without hands, that breaketh in pieces that goodly image," Dan. ii. 34-45, (that is, all opposite government) until . He becomes "a great mountain, and filleth the whole earth.' ' So that the stone, which was cut out of the mountain, becomes a mountain itself at length. Who art thou, then, 0 mountain, that thinkest to stand up against this mountain ? All shall lie flat and level before it. He will bring down all mountainous, high-exalted thoughts, arid lay the pride of all flesh low. When chaff strives against the wind, stubble against the fire, when the potsherd strives with the potter, when man strives against God, it is easy to know on which side the victory will go. The winds may toss the ship wherein Christ is, but cannot overturn it. The waves may dash against the rock, but they do but break themselves against it.