Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

128 TilE BRUISED REED would not give over wrestling, till he had gotten the blessing, Gen. xxxii. 24. So let us never give over, but in our thoughts knit the beginning, progress, and end together; and then we 8hall see ourselves in heaven, out of the reach of all enemies. Let us assure ourselves that God's grace, even in this imperfe_ct state, is stronger than man's free-will in the state of first perfection, and it is founded now in Christ, who as he is the author, so he will be the finisher of our faith; we are under a more gracious covenant. Rooted faith continues, as some assert, but weak faith con1es to nothing. This seems to be contradicted by what St. Paul says, that " Christ is the author and finish~r of our faith,'' for as the strongest faith may be shaken, so the weakest, where truth is, will ·be so far rooted as to prevail. W eaknes.s and watchfulness wifl stand out, when faith, with too much confidence, will fail. Weakness, if acknowledged, is the fittest seat and subject for God to perfect his strength in; because a consciousness of our infirmities drives us out of ourselves to him in whom our strength lieth.