Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

A. ND SMOKING 1-:' LAX. 129 Ifereupon it followeth, that weakness may stand with the assurance of salvation. The disciples, notwithstanding all their weaknesses, were bidden to "rejoice that their names were written in heaven." Failings (with conflict) in sanctification, should not weaken the peace of our justification, and assurance of salvation. It mattereth not so much what ill is in us, as what good; not what corruptions, but how we stand affected to them ; not what our particular failings be, so much as what is the thread and tenour of our live~. For Christ's disltke of that which is amiss in us, redounds not to the hatred of our person, but to the victorious subduing of all our infirmities. Some, after a conflict, have wondered at the goodness of God, that so little and weak faith should have upheld them in such great combats, · when Satan had almost ovetcome them. And indeed it is to be wondered, how much a little grace will prevail with God for acceptance, and over our enemies for victory, if the heart be upright. Such is the goodness of our kind Saviour, that he delighteth still to shew ~is strength in our weakness. K