Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

13 6 THE B l~ U ISED lt KED what those judge that have no interest in any benefit that may come by the thing in question; for outward things blind the eyes even of the wise. But it is -not sufficient that the judgment be right, but likewise ready and strong Where Christ establisheth his government, he inspireth care to keep the judgment clear. For whilst the judgment standeth straight and firm, the whole frame of the soul continueth strong and impregnableA True judgment in us advanceth Christ; and he will advance it. All sin is either from false principles or ignorance, carelessness or unbelief of the true. By inconsideration, and weakness of assent, Eve lost her hold at first. It is good there·- fore to store up true principles in our hearts, and to refresh them often, that by virtue of them our affections and actions may be more vigorous. When judgment is fortified evil finds no entrance, but good things have a party within us to entertain them. Whilst true convincing light continueth, we shall not do the least sin, through fear of the greatest punishment. " In vain is the net spread in the eyes of any bird .11 Whilst the soul is kept aloft, there