Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING FLAX. 135 that we may conquer. For faith is an obedient and.a wise grace. Christ maketh · us wise to ponder and weigh things, and _thereupon to rank and order them so, that we may make the fitter choice of what is best. Some rules to help us in judging are these: · To judge of things, as they help or hinder the main ;-as they further our reckoning-as they make us more or less spiritual, and so bring us nearer the fountain of goodness, God himself; as they bring us peace or sorrow at the last; as they commend us more or less to God, and wherein we shall approve ourselves to him most.-Likewise to judge of things now as we shall judge hereafter, when the soul shall be best able to judge; as when we are under any public calamity, or at the hour of death, when the soul gathereth itself, from all other things, to itself. Look back to former experience, see what is most agreeable unto it; what was best in our worst times.-lf grace- is or was then, it is best now.--And labour to judge of things as he doth, who must judge us; and as holy men judge, who are led by his- Spirit; more particularly,