Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

138 THE BRUISED REED Christ ' had once gotten their hearts, it could not be gotten out again by all the torments the wit of cruelty could devise. If Christ bath once possessed the affections, there is no dispossessing him again. A fire in the heart overcometh all fires without. 3. Wisdom likewise teacheth us, where-- in lieth our weakness, and our enemies' strength. Whereby a jealous fear is stirred up in us, and by that we are preserved. For out of this godly jealousy we keep those provocations which are active and working from that which is passive and catching in us, as we keep fire fro!ll powder. This jealousy will be much furthered by observing strictly what bath helped or hindered a gracious temper in us: and it will make us take heed that we consult not with flesh and blood in ourselves or others. How else can w~ think that Christ will lead us on to victory, when we take counsel of his and our enemies. 4. Christ maketh us likewise careful to attend all means, whereby fresh thoughts and affections may be stirred up and pre-. served in us. 1-fe so nourished the use of means, and the care he putteth into us,