Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

.AND SMOKil\G FLAX. 143 To overcome the unbelief of our hearts by yielding to the promise of pardon·: To set ourselves, in confidence of Christ's assistance, against those sins which have prevailed over us : And then, prevailing over ourselves, we shall easily prevail over all other enemies, and conquer all conditions we shall be brought into. . If Christ will have the victory, then it is the best way for nations and states;" to kiss the Son,' ' and to embrace Christ and his religion; to side with him and to own his cause in the world; his side will prove the strongest side at last. Happy are we if he honours us so much as to use our help to fight his battles against the mighty. True religi9n in a state, is as the main pillar of a house. So for families, let Christ be the chief governor of the family; and let every one be as a house for Christ to dwell familiarly in, and to rule. Where He is, all happiness must follow. If He goeth, all will go. Where his government in his ordinances, . and his Spirit is, there all sp bordinate government will prosp€r: religion inspireth life and grace into all other things. All other virtues without it are but as a fair picture without a head .