Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

144 THE BRuiSED REED Where Christ's laws are written in the heart, there all other good laws are best obeyed. None despise man's law but those who first despise Christ's. Of all persons a man guided by Christ is the hest; and of all creatures in the world, a man guided by will and affection (next the Devil) is the worst. The happiness of weaker things stands in being ruled by stronger : it is best for a blind man to be guided by him that hath ,light; it is best for sheep and such lik'e shiftless creatures to be guided by man. And it is happiest for 1nan to be guided by Christ, because his government is so victorious, that it frees us from the fear and danger of our greatest enen1ies_, and tends to bring us to the happiness of which our nature is capable. This should make us rejoice when Christ reigneth in us. When Solomon was crowned the people shouted so that the earth rang; much more should we rejoice in Christ our King. And likewise for those whose souls are dear to us, that he may rejgn in them also, that they may be baptised by him with this fire, (Matt.. iii. 11) that these sparks may be kindled in them. Men labour to cherish the spirit