Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING FLAX. 9 Hence we learn, that we must not pass too harsh a judgment upon ourselves or others, when God exerciseth us with bruising upon bruising. There must be a conformity to our head Christ, who was bruised for us, that we may know how n1uch we ' are obliged unto him. Profane spirits, ignorant of God's ways in bringing his children to heav~n, censure brokenhearted Christians ,as desperate persons, when God is about a gracious good work with them. It is no easy matter to bring a man from nature to grace, and from grace to glory; so unyielding, and un·- tractable are our hearts ! The second point is, Christ will not break the bruised reed. Physicians, though they put their patients to pain, yet they will not destroy nature, but raise it up by degrees. Surgeons will lance and cut, but not dismember. A mother that bath a sick and froward child, will not therefore cast it away. And shall there be more mercy in the stream, than in the spring ? Shall we think there is more mercy in ourselves, than in God who planteth the affection of mercy in us ? But -for further declaration of Christ's