Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

146 THE BUUISED REED us, seem to have the better. But he will ' ' brin,g forth judgment unto victory," to the view of all. The wicked, who now shut their eyes, shall see it to their tor,... ment. It shall not be in the power of subtle men to see or not see what they would. Christ will have power over their hearts. And as his wrath shall immediately seize upon their souls against their wills, so will he have power over the eyes of their souls to make them see and know what will increase their misery. Grief shall be fastened to all their s~nses, and their senses to grief. Then all the false glosses which they put upon things shall be wiped away. Men are desirous to have the reputation of good, and yet the sweetness of evil. Nothing is so cordially opposed by them, as that truth which layeth them open to themselves and to the eyes of others; their chief care being how to daub with the world and their own consciences. But the time will come when they shall be driven out of this fool's paradise, and the rnore subtle their concealment of things bath been, the more shall be their shame. Christ, in whom God hath chosen to set