Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOK£NG FLAX. 145 and metal (as they term it) of those they train up, because they think they will have use of it in the manifold affairs and troubles of this life. But let us cherish the sparks of grace in them. For a natural spirit will fail in great troubles, but these sparks will make them conquerors over the greatest evils. 3. If Christ's judgment shall be victorious, then popery, being an opposite frame set up by the wit of man to maintain stately idleness, must fall. And it is fallen already in the hearts of those upon whom Christ hath shined. It is a 1ie, and founded upon a lie, upon the infallible judgment of a man subject to sin and error. When that which is taken for a principle of truth, becomes a principle of error, the more relying upon it, th.e more danger. The Fourth Conclusion.-It is not only said, Judgment shall be victorious, but that Christ will bring it openly forth to victory. Whence we observe that grace shall be glory, and appear to the eyes of all. Now Christ conquereth and hath - his own ends, but it is in some sort invisibly; his enemies, within and without L