Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

148 THE BRUISED REED truth have its victory; then He will plead his own cause. Truth shall no longer be called heresy and schism ; nor heresy catholic doctrine ; wickedness shall no longer go masked and disguised : goodness shall appear in its own lustre, and shine in its own beams. Things shall be what they are. " Nothing is hidden, but shall be laid open." Iniquity shall not be carried in a·mystery any longer. Deep dissemblers who think to hide their counsels from the Lord, shall walk no longer invisible as in the clouds. If this were believed, men would make more account ofsincerity, which only gives us boldness, and not speak for concealnlent; the confidence whereof as it maketh men now more presumptuous, so it will expose them hereafter to the greater shame. If judgment shall be brought forth to victory, then those who have been ruled by their own deceitful hearts and a spirit of error, shall be brought forth to disgrace. That God who hath joined grace and truth with honour, hath joined sin and shame together at the last. All the wit and power of man can never be able to sever what God hath coupled. Tr~th