Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING FJ..,AX . 149 and piety may be trampled upon for a time, but as the two witnesses, after they were slain, rose again and stood upon their feet, so whatsoever is of God shall at length stand upon its own bottom. There shall be a resurrection not only of bodies, but of credits. Can we think that he who threw the angels out of heaven, will suffer dust and worm's meat to run a contrary course, and to carry it always so. . No, as verily as Christ is "King of Kings, and Lord of Lords," so will he dash those pieces of earth which rise up against him, as a potter's vessel. "Who hath hardened himself against · God and hath prospered?" Job ix. 4. No, doubtless, the rage of man shall turn to Christ's praise .: Ps. lxxvi. 10. What was said of Pharaoh, shall be said ofall hardy enemies, who had rather lose their souls than their wills, that · they are but raised up for Christ to get himself ·glory in their confusion. Let us then take heed that we follow not the ways of those men, whose ends we tremble at. There is not a more fearful judgment can befal the nature ofman, than to be given up to a reprobate judg-