Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKTNG l'LAX. 151 A woeful condition, when both we and that which we highly esteem shall vanish together, which will be as surely as Christ's judgment shall come·to victory. In what measure the vain heart of man bath been enlarged to conceive a greater good in things of this world than there is, by so much the soul shall be enlarged or be more sensible of n1isery when it sees its enor. This is the difference between a godly man and a deluded worldling. That which the one now judges to be vain, the other shall hereafter feel to be so, when it is too late. But this is the vanity of our natures, that though we shun above all things to be deceived and mistaken in present things, yet in the greatest matters of all, we are willingly ignorant and misled. . The Fifth Conclusion.-This govern- \ ment is set up and advanced by Christ alone. He bringeth judgment to victory. We both fight and prevail " in the power ·<>f His might." vV e overc01ne by the Spirit obtained " by the blood of the Lamb." It is he alone that" teacheth our hands to war and our fingers to fight." Nature