Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

150 THE BRUISED REED ment of persons and things, because it cometh under a woe, to " call evil good, and good evil.'' Isaiah v. 20~ How will they be laden with curs-es another day, who abuse the judgment of others by sophistry and flattery; " deceivers, and being deceived?" Then the complaint of our first mother Eve will be taken up, but fruitlessly, " The serpent ha th deceived me.' ' Satan in such and such hath deceived me. Sin bath deceived me. A foolish heart bath deceived me. It is one of the highest points of wisdom, to consider upon what grounds we venture our souls. Happy men will they be who have, by Christ's ]jght, a right judgtnent of things, and suffer that judgment to prevail over their hearts. The souls of most men are drowned in their senses, ahd carried away with weak. opinions raised from vulgar mistakes and shadows of things. And Satan is ready to enlarge the jmagination of outward good and outward evil, and make it greater than it is, and spiritual things less, presenting them through false glasses. And so men trusting in vanity, varnish themselves in their own apprehensions.