Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING ~'LAX. 155 and that faith worketh best alone, when it • hath least outward support. Hence it is that we often fail in lesser conflicts, and stand out in greater; because in less, we rest more in ourselves; in greater we fly to the " rock of our salvation, which is higher than we." Hence likewise it is, that we are stronger after foils : because hidden corruption, undiscerned before, is now discovered ~ and thence we are brought to n1ake 'use of mercy pardoning and power supporting. One main ground of this dispensation, is, that we should know that Christ giveth both the will and the deed; and that, as a voluntary worker, according to his own good pleasure. Therefore we should " work out our salvation in a jealous fear and trembling," lest by irreverent and presumptuous walking, we give him cause to suspend his gracious influence, and to leave us to the darkness of our hearts. Those who are under Christ's government have the Spirit of revelation; where·- by they see and feel a · divine power sweetly and strongly enabling them to preserve faith, when they feel the contrary; and hope in a state, hopeless; and